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All the information necessary for you to learn how to fly a plane is publicly available. Does this mean you would fly yourself across the country? Of course not, you would hire a professional. Why should management of your wealth be any different?


Trevor Orme's team of highly qualified professionals provide you with specialized expertise in all aspects of wealth management. Individuals and families appreciate our comprehensive analysis of their financial situation, including goal-based financial planning, insurance needs analysis, addressing estate concerns and investment portfolio creation and management. Small businesses, foundations and corporations appreciate the quality of our research, our insightful investment ideas and our portfolio management skills.


Our clients are discerning individuals, families, small businesses, foundations and corporations that are looking for an integrated wealth management solution one that encompasses all the unique aspect of their financial needs. What they value most is having peace of mind about their wealth, while enjoying it to the fullest.

Our Service Philosophy

Exemplary service is provided by a team of professionals who have a vested interest in helping you achieve your financial goals. In addition to this important principle, Wealth Management Associates offers a range of benefits for the convenience of discerning individuals like you. Each benefit carefully designed to simplify and improve the way we serve you. You, your financial assets and your circumstances will be treated with the trust, honesty and integrity that they deserve.

Wealth Management Associates Profile

Investment Services at National Bank Financial

One of the oldest investment firms in the country, National Bank Financial is a full service investment firm offering a wide range of investment products and services. We employ state of the art technology and a comprehensive team of investment specialists to give one-on-one advice. Together with the knowledge of your individual needs and the guidance provided by a knowledgeable and trusted Investment Advisor, clients reap the benefits of making educated investment choices at the appropriate times.


Discretionary Investment Management

For those who prefer a Do It For Me solution, we offer a wide range of discretionary investment management services, each of which liberates you from the painstaking task of monitoring your investments on a day-to-day, or week-to-week basis. These solutions allow you to concentrate on what you do best in life while letting a team of professionals do what they do best: building the wealth of people like you.


Insurance and Estate Planning Services at NBF Financial Services Inc.

NBF Financial Services Inc. is an insurance agency, which offers a range of products and services available from major insurance companies. Insurance can fulfill many needs. We offer specialized products for estate planning and business succession along with segregated funds and annuities aimed at wealth preservation and tax-effective distribution. Our in-house Estate Planning & Insurance Advisors help clients plan for and deal with the complexity of their estate and insurance needs.


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